Really good quality British Made propagator.   Hard tray and non shatterproof lid with twin adjustable air vents.


These are the best we have seen and are really well made with a good fit between the layers.   


Ideal  for growing from seeds or cuttings. Either for the beginner and experienced gardener, whether you're growing organic kitchen herbs or looking for a propagator to clone plants within your hydroponic grow tent set up. Propagators create the ideal micro-climate for seeds and cuttings accelerating plant growth and increasing successful germination rates from seed.


Made out of a robust plastic, with a shatterproof lid, this  propagator is resistant to bumps, knocks and drops. 


A great addition to be able to add more plants to your collection or start out growing.

  • Adjustable ventilation for humidity and air control
  • Shatter proof and crystal clear lid for maximum light exposure
  • Propagator is 380 x 240 x 180 mm
  • Made in the UK


Price includes vat.

Plant Propagator - Regular Size

£9.95 Regular Price
£6.97Sale Price