Ultimate Heat Gift Pack (GHOST EDITION)

Ultimate Heat Gift Pack (GHOST EDITION)

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Now contains our 100ml bottle of Dartmoor Destroyer instead of the ORIGINAL 50ml bottle!


A collection of all four of our hottest products. This pack includes: 

Dartmoor Dragon - Our double kick sauce.  The first kick comes after after about 10 seconds from the Dorset Naga chillies and the 2nd after 30 seconds from the Wildfire 6.4 million chilli extract.    Still a flavoursome fruity sauce made with mangoes. 

Dried Ghost/Naga pods (Bhut Jolokia) - A tub off Ghost chillies.  Formerly the Worlds hottest chilli, this variety still packs one hell of a punch.  Handle with extreme caution.

Dartmoor Destroyer - Our hottest sauce. The maddest thing in our range.  Based on our popular Goblin sauce but hundreds of times hotter. This product is made with 50% chillies .... a combination of Carolina Reaper, Habanero Fatali and Habanero Paper Lantern) combined with 9.3 MILLION chilli oleoresin for the ultimate kick.   

Now a bigger bottle 100ml instead of 50ml.

Fear the Reaper Vial - Twist vials filled with Carolina Reaper and Ghost chilli powder. Great for a night out when your takeaway Vindaloo doesn't have enough punch.  

Heat Rating: Various

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