We are a small business who proudly make our sauces and preserves by hand in the traditional way in small regular batches using home grown or local produce as much as possible for maximum flavour and quality.

We will not compromise the quality of our range or our ethos by switching to machine manufactured sauces and preserves.

As we only use our own chillies in our products (no imports), we can only have a small  number of specially chosen stockists across Devon therefore you will not find our products saturated in the market place.

If you are a delicatessen, garden centre or a small shop and you are based either in Devon or within 30 miles of the county border, then please get in touch!


Email us at info@dartmoorchillifarm.com
or call 07515 676036

We will also add a link to you from our website and include a separate page with photos and more information if you wish at no charge if you wish - for example CLICK HERE (for information on one of our stockists)

Our sauces, chocolate and chilli oils are available to trade customers.

Some Stockist feedback : 

‘I first came across Dartmoor Chilli Farm when I parked next to their sign-written truck whilst loading up bales of hay at the local country store. My reaction, as it is with so many, was ‘Chillies? ….. On Dartmoor?’. In fact I was so busy musing this unlikely combination of facts that the truck drove away before I managed to start a conversation. I headed home and went straight to Google…. I was amazed to find such an interesting range of chilli-related products grown on my door-step.

I own a business in the very centre of Dartmoor, Powdermills Pottery. I stock a range crafts and produce made on Dartmoor for visitors to the moor to browse and consider buying whilst munching on a Cream Tea. The products from Dartmoor Chilli Farm are a hit with my customers – particularly the Dartmoor Beast Chilli Sauce, and the Dark Chilli Chocolate, as they satisfy an increasing interest in hot food, and because of its local connection. On occasion, Dartmoor Chilli Farm have produced a limited edition product, such as their most extremely hot chilli sauce, and I have experienced customers ringing ahead to reserve bottles before they drive to collect.

As a stockist, I am impressed with the speed at which Dartmoor Chilli Farm responds to my request for stock, with it arriving quickly and accurately. As people, the Palmers are always pleasant and make their company easy to deal with.

Dartmoor Chilli Farm is a business with integrity, carefully producing their goods with a mindful approach to the environment. It is a rare company, combining high quality products and are in demand, with good service and a family feel.

Joss Hibbs, Powdermills Pottery (stockist)

"Dartmoor Chilli Farm produce food in the most natural way, using ingredients grown by themselves and sourced locally. The flavours are always well balanced, fresh and aromatic. This provides me with a product that is made with passion from a pure Good Life British Company - you cannot go wrong with Dartmoor Chilli Food!"

Steve Alexander, Chillies on the Web



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