14th January

(temporary labels - new ones to follow)

Sweet Chilli Jam

Cranberry chilli jam is popular. Its very fruity and has a lower sugar content than many other jams.  However it's not a traditional recipe and not for everyone.

Hence this new recipe.  It's sweet, thick and fiery.   Made with Scotch Bonnet and Habanero Fatali chillies for a good level of heat (but not too much!).   Made to a traditional recipe with just a hint of garlic.

Handmade in traditional pans with fresh Habanero and bonnet chillies
Cooking new jam

Perfect with cheese & biscuits or with a savoury cream tea (a cheese scone, a piece of cheddar and a nice dollop of chilli jam on top).

This is a brand new product.  We think it will be a very popular choice over time. Phil has already scoffed 4 jars to himself!   However at the moment it is on temporary labels.  We will be applying nice colourful labels in a few weeks when they come back from the printers.


7th January

Happy New Year - we hope everyone had a nice and relaxing festive season.   We were busy picking our 2018 crop.   We have blitzed and frozen what we can and sent off a big pile of Naga pods to be professionally dried.

We've also been planning the 2019 season with what chillies to grow and where to focus our efforts.
This year we badly need to make repairs to some of our tunnels - one of the disadvantages of living high up in an exposed location.   

In the short term, we are making a new chilli jam.  Our cranberry jam is very popular at Christmas but a little difficult to sell in the middle of summer.   The reason we put in the cranberries and gooseberries is that we can 1) reduce the sugar content and 2) get it to set without adding pectin.

However our Cranberry chilli jam is not like others.   We've seen a jam with just red peppers, chillies, lemon juice and sugar.  Our question is.... how do you get this to set??  There is no mention of pectin on the label and chillies/red peppers have very low levels - so the only answer is hell of alot of sugar.   Over 60% in fact.  Ours will be sweet but not that sweet!
We even saw a recipe online from a famous chef which is 300g of peppers/chillies and 1kg of sugar.  That's a 3:1 sugar ratio. That's alot of the white stuff.  

So the new jam is red peppers, sugar, chillies (Scotch Bonnets - this new jam is a good deal hotter), garlic, cider vinegar and lemon juice.   We have made our first batch which has gone to a few testers to get their feedback.  Do we remove the garlic/ginger.   Their feedback really helps us.
We've been trying it with cheese & biscuits and it has been going down a treat.   One of our main customers for chilli jam is Dave and Abbie at Foxtor Cafe who use it on their menu.   We will be waiting for feedback from them before we put it into main production.


28th December

We've been busy over xmas picking the remainder of our crop.   With so many xmas markets and so little room we just left the chillies on the plant to ripen.   However with it getting much colder, we have now picked the remaining pods.

We have also made a new batch of Firecracker sauce.  This is now back to the heat that it should be.   The last batch was a little milder than normal.    

Habanero Fatali, 7 Pot and Nagas.
dartmoor chilli farm - crop pics

Habanero Paper Lanterns - always a good cropper!
dartmoor chilli farm - crop pics

We apologise for being so low on chocolate  - xmas markets use up alot of our products and january and early february is our quietest time, so we hope to have more chocolate back in stock for mid february/march.


7th December

APC Courier

Our cut off for guaranteed xmas deliveries for 2018 is Wednesday 19th December.  However if you are local  (within 20 miles, Phil will be hand delivering any last orders right up to xmas eve!)

Due to recent problems with Royal Mail, we are now using APC as our standard delivery method.  As a small business we cannot afford for orders to just disappear with no easy way of tracking them.   We could use Special delivery rather than recorded but customers won't pay £12 per delivery, hence the switch to APC, our preferred courier.  


29th October

Some chillies picked today... all destined for our sauces and oils. Phil's job tomorrow is destemming. Chuckle chuckle.

A real mixture of pods from Cayenne Golden, Apache, Naga Jolokia pc1, Bhut Jolokia, 7 pot yellow, Habanero Fatali, Habanero Orange, Carolina Reaper, Cobra, Dorset Naga, Prairie Fire, Cayenne Long Slim, Scotch Bonnet Yellow, Aji Amarillo, Jalapeno Orange, Jalapeno Early, Habanero Paper Lantern, Trinidad Scorpion, Ring of Fire.

All need to be de-stemmed, checked for quality control and then sorted and diced. 

fresh chillies from dartmoor chilli farm

17th October

We have a new stockist.   
The Donkey Sanctuary near Sidmouth are now stocking our most popular sauces in their gift shop.


9th October

The Ultimate Heat Gift Packs will remain at a tenner until the end of the month. We've now got two different versions.   

Ghost version includes Dartmoor Dragon, Dartmoor Destroyer, Fear the Reaper vial and a tub of Ghost chillies

Demon version includes Dartmoor Dragon, Dartmoor Destroyer, Fear the Reaper vial and a bar of Dartmoor Demon


4th October

Last batch of chilli goodies being sent out to members this week.   That's a nice pack of mixed fresh chillies and a tub of dried Bhut Jolokia pods.


3rd October

For Powderham Food Festival this weekend, we will be offering our new Ultimate Heat Gift Pack for just a tenner. Perfect x**s present for chilliheads. (too early to say the word). 4 evil products in one box.

Also on the website at the special offer price

(It is also available with Demon chocolate included instead of the Ghost chillies).

Ultimate Heat Gift Pack


31st August

We have discontinued the milk and Devil chocolates so that everything in the range is now VEGAN friendly.  

23rd Jul

We've been making some changes to the website today. Updating product descriptions and new pictures.  We've also reset the design as some of our visitors were having problems with the new design on tablets and smartphones.  The original (current) site was easier to navigate although alot simpler.  We are aware it's not so groovy now but it does the job and if everyone can easily navigate around the site, then all the better!

20th July

We've been busy this week picking all our blackcurrants.  We've picked over 100 kg now and they will be used to make our blackcurrant chilli sauce and are a key ingredient in our chilli jam.

blackcurrants picked at dartmoor chilli farm


11th July


Pick of the Crop in St Marychurch will be offering a range of our chilli sauces and chocolate from tomorrow (12th July)

58 Fore St, 
Hours: 9am to 5pm
Phone: 01803 313463

10th July


We have a new stockist in Copplestone, near Crediton.

The ‘Real’ Red Ruby Farm Shop
Clannaborough Barton
EX17 6DA

More info here :

Open 9:30 to 5:30
Wednesday - Saturday


Shop: 01363 84777
House: 01363 84217


9th July

New chilli chocolate gift pack now available

chilli chocolate gift pack


5th July

TWITTER COMPETITION - this competition is exclusive to Twitter, so only enter from there :-)

WIN A HAMPER OF OUR CHILLI GOODIES worth £45... Just tweet us your guess. How many NAGA chillies did we pick at the farm in 2017.... closest answer wins. (Yes, we counted them!) Competition runs until 9am tomorrow ie Friday 6th July.

Here's an idea of a days worth....

Fresh nagas



4th July

Here is Kay hard at work in the kitchen. Not only has she made almost 400 bottles of Dragon this morning, she has also capped and labelled them.

Kay hard at work in the kitchen


26th June

300 Jars of Smoky onion chutney made and it's not even 9am.   It is made with our smoked Jamaican red chillies.   We also smoke the onions and it is great on a hot dog or bbq.

Smoky onion chilli chutney


30th May

Ultimate Heat Gift Pack now available

Ultimate Heat Gift Pack


21st May

Privacy Policy updated in line with new GDPR regulations.

We have no need to email everyone as we no longer operate the newsletter. If you wish to stay up to date with our products - please follow our Twitter feed @dartmoorchilli   or check this page


24th April

Chilli Hamper now available

Dartmoor chilli hamper

See :


16th April

Chilli chocolate gift pack - now with free delivery


12th April

Just booking events for 2018. Please check out the markets page for more info.   We are concentrating on the smaller events this year as we want to keep our prices competitive.  We looked at doing the county show but decided £500 for a pitch was too expensive.   That's a truckload of chilli sauce before we break even.  Instead you can find us at Chagford Show and hopefully Okehampton Show. 


30th March

Back in stock after a 4 year absence!   Dartmoor Devil.  The Demon's evil sibling.  This is a white chocolate bar with an almightly kick!

Now available here :

Dartmoor Devil


26th March


From Friday 16th March. the amazing Greendale Farm Shop near Exeter will be supplying a range of our chilli sauces and chocolate.

Greendale is a really big farm shop on the Exeter to Sidmouth road on the right hand side just past Westpoint Arena.    It has a lovely cafe and serves a great cream tea !

Greendale farm shop logo


15th March


From Friday 16th March. the wonderful CREBERS DELICATESSEN in Tavistock will be supplying a range of our chilli sauces and chocolate.

Find them in Brook Street, right in the middle of the town.

Crebers delicatessen in Tavistock

Address48 Brook St, Tavistock PL19 0BH

Phone01822 612266


13th March

Our free seeds offer has come to an end. However we will be offering a free bar of chilli chocolate on all web orders until the end of the month.

free chilli choc offer


8th March

Just recovering from the snow.  Yes we finally got some and because the council don't grit our hill, we were snowed in for several days which was nice.

Here's a pic of the recent snow.  Good luck driving along our lane   You can't have too many snow pictures.

snow at the chilli farm

We have also been germinating our chillies.  Some varieties take no time at all to pop and others take many weeks.   Here's a pic of some little Habanero Fatali seedlings which have just germinated.

Habanero fatali seedlings

We start them in Vitapod (unheated) propagators.   We germinate them all indoors and when they are big enough they go outside during the day and we bring them back in at night.  It's still a little cold outside for such delicate seedlings - even if we fleece/bubblewrap them.    
Once we've got past the frosty nights and the chillies have reached a decent enough size, they will then stay in the tunnels overnight. We always cover them over at night because of any lingering cold plus the re-emergence of slugs and snails.  These are your chilli seedlings worst enemy.  Vitapods are good as they have proper lids and there is no way to get to the seedlings inside.

This year we are cutting down on the varieties we are growing.   However this means we should have alot more fresh pods at the end of the season.   
We do need to do some emergency remedial work on 3 of our tunnels.  The winter has battered them quite badly.


22nd February

A month since our last update. The weeks have just flown by. 

We've been sowing seeds for the 2018 season.  This year we will be growing mostly superhots.   We are cutting down the varieties this year as we have slightly less growing space for chillies.  We had a bumper crop in 2017 so the freezers are full of pods and we have also dried a record number of pods this winter.

We have also been busy with maintenance and repairs around the farm.  3 of our tunnels need large repairs but we are still waiting for a non windy day!   The joy of living on a hill i guess. However we've been tiling the floor of our germination room which has taken ages. 

Also couple of product updates.... our chilli fudge is coming back in March/April. We are using a new fudge maker but to the traditional tablet recipe and it will be made with Carolina Reaper chillies - so it'll be hot hot hot!

We are also bringing back our infamous white naga chocolate... The Dartmoor Devil also at the end of March.

Dartmoor Devil white chocolate

22nd January

Picked the last pods in the tunnels today and therefore tomorrow works starts on the new season. 
First job will be emptying all the polytunnels and preparing the ground.   The recent frosts have killed off all the existing plants with the exception of a few of the Aji's. A variety that we've overwintered successfully in the past. 

The chillies below are Dorset and Bengle Nagas.  These are destined for Phil's curry night!

last of the crop


8th January

Couple of early events on the markets page.  On the 4th February Phil will be up at Frome for the Vegan Festival and on the following Saturday, we have a new coffee & food event at Buckfast Abbey.  We hope to see you there.  


28th December

We apologise for the site problems.  It is due to our ISP doing something with their servers and beyond our control. Hopefully the problems should be resolved soon.   (All sorted now 3pm 28/12)


17th December

Last posting dates


11th December

We've been busy with markets.   8 in a row.  Phew.   
Today we are back at the nursery doing web orders. All orders upgraded to courier delivery.   
The free chocolate offer continues until Christmas Day.
We've also been working on the website so it's easier to navigate. 


29th November

Made 400 bottles of Destroyer Sauce.  This latest batch is now even hotter.  The base chilli is Reaper but we've also added alot more Habanero Fatali, Habanero Paper Lantern.   All fresh chillies grown and picked here at the farm.


22nd November

free bar of chilli chocolate offer


20th November

We have swapped our website back to the original design as we feel it is easier to navigate.    We realise it's not an "all singing and dancing affair" but simple design combined with a good shopping cart system, means we can keep our product prices very competitive.


19th November

Fleecehaven Sheep
At the Animal Aid Christmas fair on Saturday we raised over £140 for the Fleecehaven Sheep Sanctuary.  A big thankyou to all our customers.


7th November


Ann-Marie Barker & Debbie Cornish

It's treat o'clock

5 Wolborough Street

Newton Abbot

TQ12 1JR


A brand new shop offering sweet and savoury gifts.
They are located by the Clock Tower in Newton Abbot (also opposite Austin's toy shop).


6th November

Please note our postcode has changed.   Half our deliveries go to our neighbours and if we ever open to the public, having the old postcode would cause no end of problems. Therefore to keep our neighbours happy, we've changed our postcode.

Our new postcode effective immediately is TQ13 7FP   (rather than the old 7HG).

Everything else is the same.


31st October

Events page updated - some new Christmas events for November and December.
More information here :


26th October

In the post today.. which was nice.

Some NAGA's picked today..


13th October

We also won a Silver Award on our Blackcurrant chilli sauce at the Devon Food Awards 2017.
A full list of winners can be found here :

Todays crop!   This starts our silly season...

picking chillies at dartmoor chilli farm

Ready to be sorted, quality control and de-stemmed

10th October

Two exciting bits of news.... 

1) We won best UK Chilli Grower at the National Chilli Awards 2017.   Apparently it was because of our ethos, method of growing and our customer service which all scored highly with the judges.  Very nice to win, especially as we didn't actually enter.  We were nominated.

The judges comments were as follows "I nominated your business because of the fact that: - you grow 100+ varieties, green - off grid & herbicide/ fungicide free, you have a projects page with things to do / helpful advice for the would be grower, you have a huge database of info on varieties, again useful for the would be grower. So although you may not be as big as others, or have been present at the festivals this year, quantity & marketing presence aren't everything..." 

2) Last night we won GOLD at the Food and Drink Devon Awards 2017 for our best selling DARTMOOR GOBLIN smoky garlic chilli sauce


We have removed older features than October 2017.
We realised the news items went back over 5 years.   It was seriously slowing down the website loading!

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